Why I have chosen VR?

This just my opinion and thoughts about VR, how it started, grew and now injecting it in my live like a dependency

Old’s man flashback memories

I have always loved video games. Since I was a child, I always loved playing them, as my family wasn’t that much interested in technology at all and saw games just as a small entertainment to be played for few hours after finishing all your homeworks, I had it hard to be able to jump early into video games.

Luckily for me, there was a rent store near my house, where for PEN 1 (roughly is like USD 0.30), they would allow you to play any game they had for SNES for one hour and that’s pretty much where all my money went as a child. Every weekend was the same routine, finish my homework and go there by myself or with some friends to play some SNES classics, like Megaman X, Super Mario, Top Gear, Street Fighter II and more (this happened around 9596).

25 SNES games

Some SNES classics

Due to the fact of always finishing my homework, I was always an A student in school; so my little twisted mind started planning my next move. I literally blackmailed my mom to buy me a console if I achieved the first place in school, she denied (of course she did), but due to the fact of an aunt going to USA for black friday, she got me a Nintendo 64 with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (which was hidden until Christmas). Back then I have already tried some 3D games as Playstation had been released and with it some games were 3D like Crash Bandicoot, but this was something out of the world for me, because although PSone had some 3D games, not all were 3D, like Megaman X 4. This ended with me still doing the same (homeworks for playing/getting games).

One day, I remember I was watching Popular Mechanics for Kids and the whole topic was about video games, user testing and game development, I turned my head to my mom and said “I want to do that one day”, to which she replied “well, you will have to study systems engineering then” (BTW, I was around 10 back then, so I had no clue about the difference between engineering’s at all, my mind just worked with immediate compensation with games) and that’s what lead me to what I am today.

The reason I haven’t chosen any other career closer to game development is because in Peru, there are some colleges that provide that, but I don’t trust them…and…the courses are pretty lame (where I studied was also lame, but I think I have a broader knowledge than just specializing in something) that’s also the reason I follow many courses only that I think will help me achieve that.

My reasons to chose VR

After all of that extended introduction, I found more interest in 3D games than 2D, because they gave the user more freedom (at least in LoZ OoT) and it look more realistic than 2D. Now imagine all of that, just with you in the middle of the action, seeing everything as if you were there. BOOM! GG WP! You sold that to me.

Shut up and take my money

To make it simple these are my points:

  1. You can be in there feeling like you are living it
  2. Depending on the developer(s) it can transport you anywhere
  3. You can become anyone (except yourself, because…why would you export your life there?)
  4. You are free to do what you want
  5. It gives a better point of view of everything, your imagination is the limit.

Best VR Experience

Although I have always loved VR I just managed to got my HTC Vive (pretty much I chose it because I trust Gabe Newell and fellas company, I think it goes under the name of Valve) as a gift from my fiance and I haven’t had enough time to try many experiences. After I got it I signed up for Udacity’s VR Nanodegree and due to the projects I haven’t used it to test many experiences.

From the few experiences I have tested, I would choose 2:

  1. The Lab (by Valve): It’s the first experience I had in VR, of course I’m going to love it. Specially the “Defend the castle” game (I might be a huge Dota 2 fan, but it’s not as interactive as this one), I feel it real every time I pull an arrow through that bow. It’s simply amazing.

  2. Apartment (by me): I know it’s lame, but it was the first VR experience I made almost from ground, with it I learned about lights, object placement, scripts and more. It’s not the first game I build, but it’s the first VR experience I made.

    VR picture of an apartment

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