Helicopter Dash

Game made back in 2012 using SDL 2.0 (OpenGL), tinyxml and zlib. Made in C++.


This game is a 2D side scroller made in C++ using different libraries like SDL 2.0, which is a low level library to access audio, keyboard and graphics hardware via OpenGL. I also used Tiled Map Editor to create the level and import them via tinyxml and zlib.

It also implements different game states like:

  1. Start
  2. Play
  3. Pause
  4. Game over
  5. Win

Difficulties / Learned lessons

  • Some of the libraries used where really hard to find, so next time I will use more mainstream libraries.
  • Always progress in mini-steps. Making huge changes while refactoring will make it hard to discover bugs or errors.
  • Keep your project in the most organized way for you.
  • When you feel overwhelmed by errors, just stop and take a rest.



Currently it’s using only 64-bits libraries.

Next steps

  1. Update source code to use 32-bits variations.
  2. Update repository to use Git LFS.
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