Try to get out as fast as possible, but don’t forget to find the key first


Usually the coins will lead you to a dead end ;)


This game was made using Unity3D(C#) and GoogleVR. The purpose of the game is to reach the end of the maze, using the floating blocks (waypoints) to move around and trying to collect the most coins as possible, just remember that usually they lead to a dead end.

A floating block used to move around the map

Waypoint to move around the map

Waypoint and a coin

Waypoint and a coin

Similar as before, but the coin has disappeared

Once clicked the coin it disappears

A coin

A coin

Disappearing creates many colorful balls as part of animation

Disappearing effect

A floating key

The door key

Same effect as the coins

It also disappears


  1. Release
  2. Source Code

Next improvements

  1. Make the door movement constant.
  2. Fix spacing between some walls
  3. More levels
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